Incomplete Partitions

Partitions Inachevées

“50-year-old tapes, annotated or blank sheets of music, oud strings meticulously kept,  weave together almost a century of music. I play with ephemeral melodies that my eye can listen to. I transpose. I paint. I meditate. I compose. I fly elsewhere.”

Greta Naufal • Beirut, March 2017
“What is the worth of a life spent exploring music at the expense of everything else society values. At the expense of sanity sometimes. When we strive to construct a human, mortal and perfect geometry, be it through breeding a bird, through drawing black ink notes on papers, or a reconstruction of a life on painting canvas. In an attempt to capture the eternal mathematics of the pervading nothingness. A constant effort to give meaning to the ultimate geometry, the one of chaos. Musical partitions left behind, locked in crumbling furniture, discs and bird recordings, pieces of an artist life that become fragments of stories on the canvas of another. The artist is searching for a path, questioning recognition versus forgetfulness, sound versus silence, usefulness versus uselessness, domestication versus abandon. A quest for the worth of unconditional love of a daughter towards her father, and true freedom in a world regimented by rules and norms. Society, a bewildered cage, but still a cage. The most beautiful bird is the one we hear and never see.”
Samar Rizkallah