Jazz Portraits


“[…] Her instinct told her not to separate the music from those who made it, and are making it. So she looked at the photographs of the illustrious jazzmen, at the cover of their records, she looked in places, for sure, and made a memorable series of their portraits. There’s love, and fury, in these portraits, meeting a great artistic ability to bring them back to life.

Pictures have become portraits, we mean have become portraits of a soul. When I looked at them, I remembered with precision the multiple and magic moments when, being in California, at the Baalbek festival, or elsewhere, I heard again and again Chuck Berry, or Ella, or Dizzy, or Miles…

By the sheer force of her vitality, the absorption of a musical environment at home, and that mystery we call a talent, Greta creates for herself a very special experiment, and is asking us to share it with her.”

Etel Adnan