The theme of ‘Maternity and War’ is often the most prominant and tackled in art history but when we stand in front of the artworks of this exhibition, it immediately strikes us as a less ordinary exhibition. Maternity here is a personal experience and war becomes a conversation where the language of motherhood takes over. So here we see emerging in between these contradictory themes, birth and death, beginning and end, joy and fear, an emotion which gradually grows into an atmosphere which brings tears to the eyes […] as if there was a veil between our eyes and what we see, throwing on these pictures textures and colours, as if it is a veil of tears or the tear in the eyes of a mother watching the scenes depicted in these images. We are in front of an artist who among others is starting an artistic movement in a time witnessing a regression in art, decline, oppression or at least much worry and turmoil in the language and ambitions of art.

Samir Sayegh, Excerpt from ‘The Impossible Combination’, Al Kifah el Arabi, 21/4/1986